Business Support and Disaster Resiliency

An EASY way for Communities to Be Ready to Recover on DAY 1

Community Collaboration in Good Times and Bad

We Make it EASY for people to support each other.



Encourage Community Collaboration

Build on your community's strengths.
Provide your community tools that help people work together.

Yes2Connect provides tools so communities can work together for business support and disaster resiliency.

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In your Community...

Everyone has Needs... and everyone can Help

All we have to do is to connect so everyone can support each other.
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Collaboration in Good Times and Bad


In Good Times

Makes it easier to buy-local


Businesses can post ads and news at no cost. They can offer loyalty rewards, sell on the MiniMart (or link to their online store), and more.

Helps everyone prepare for disasters


Everyone has a private disaster plan with contact lists, evacuation plans, and a place to upload pictures for insurance purposes. There is an automatic update system so everyone's plan stays current. People can share their plan within their families and businesses can share portions of their plan with employees.

Builds Community


People and/or businesses can easily create Neighborhood ReadyWatch groups. They can learn about and connect with local organizations. People can use Yes2Connect to celebrate volunteers and other local heroes. Businesses are recognized for their community involvement.

Yes2Connect encourages everyone to post pictures and information to create a LocalAncestry site.

In Bad Times

Share real-time, reliable information


Officials and organization leaders can open forums to provide real-time information to the community. The forums are controlled by those leaders, so bad or inappropriate information can easily be deleted.

Businesses and individuals can post information on their status and needs, which is shared with officials, organizations, and their contact lists.

During recovery, when people are scattered everywhere, everyone can use these tools to quickly connect with people for information, property access, business support, and more.

Creates Leadership Team to support recovery


The Leadership Team shares a Leadership forum, where they can access real-time information from other community leaders. They can then relay accurate information to their constituency.

Team Members can also use their connections within the community to assist Officials with needs that may arise.

How Community Collaboration Works

using Yes2Connect

Four Interconnected Apps

Yes2Connect has four interconnected apps with tools so each participant receives information or support they need and gives support to those they can help.

The Admin app controls the tools in all the apps and is used by the Leadership Team, which consists of officials and organization leaders. Each participant has a private account, linked to officials and organizations, groups, and businesses they have chosen.

Businesses have private accounts with free tools to post ads, set up Loyalty Programs, participate in a Minimart, and offer e-Gift cards. These deals give incentives for individuals to install the app.
Business App
Business Yes2Connect App
Community (for Individuals, Families)
Community app
Admin (Leadership Team)
Administrative App
Visitor App
Visitor App