Business App

Support for Businesses in Good Times and Bad
Helps local businesses:

Promote and sell to the local community and increase their resiliency.

  • Post ads and news
  • Offer VIP & Loyalty Rewards
  • Sell products/services in Minimart (or link to their online store)
  • Promote business on Visitor app
  • Be recognized for their role in the community
  • BizEssentials
  • Business Disaster Plan
  • When You're Not Here
  • Business Triage
  • Critical Resources - sell to local government
  • I Have/You Need - Local B2B
Access w/Cell Phone and/or Computer
Essential to have when disaster strikes
Support in Good Times and Bad

Business Support

Disaster Tools

Private Business Disaster Plan

Your private plan will be available on your cellphone. You can share parts with your employees, and can designate others to keep it updated. Add-on only.

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HR Center

Your HR and safety information will be available on your employees' cellphones. Add-on only.

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