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We make collaboration a breeze.

Easy to Set Up

Invite Leadership Team

Use our sample emails to invite Communication officials, decision-makers, CERT, disaster officials, and community organization leaders. Teammembers are assigned specific tools within the Admin app.

Send us Changes to Meet Team's Needs

Teammembers review their assigned tool and submit changes they want to meet their needs. Tools can also be turned off.

Provide App to Community

Use our emails and flyers to:

  • Provide to Business licensees so they can promote their businesses to visitors and the community.
  • Organization leaders provide app to their members to connect to their organization.
  • Provide app to the general community in social media and other communication methods.

Disaster Preparation

Featured Tools:

Easy-to-use Disaster Preparation Tools

  • Create a family and business disaster plan. Share it with family members or employees. Accessible on cell phones and computers.
  • Maximize insurance proceeds by quickly documenting your possessions. Use your phone to record videos of your possessions and upload them.
  • Assign a representative or provide your contact information to be available to first responders in a disaster.

Contact us

Ready to Collaborate & Recover

Disaster Response & Recovery Tools

  • Report Status to contacts list, organizations, and officials
  • Report elderly and disabled needing support
  • Report need for insulin, dialysis, etc.
  • Business Triage - help reopening
  • Report Looter/vandalism to property owners
  • Visitor needs

"No panic. We're strong. We're ready for anything." Voldymyr Zelensky
Disaster Recovery

Featured Tools: